Frequently Asked Questions:

Where is the William A. Floyd Amphitheater located?
In Anderson, South Carolina, as part of the Anderson Sports & Entertainment Center (ASEC). The ASEC is located just minutes off Interstate I-85, directly between Charlotte, NC and Atlanta, GA.


How are performers scheduled to play at the Amphitheater?
The William A. Floyd Amphitheater is available for lease by concert promoters and organizations interested in booking musical acts and other large-scale events. Those promoters and organizations arrange for the particular performers. The Anderson Sports & Entertainment Center, owned and operated by Anderson County, does not actually book the entertainers or produce the shows.


What are the fees to lease the Amphitheater for a concert?
Due to the complex nature of producing concerts, please contact our offices to schedule an appointment to discuss lease policies and rate information.


Why is the Amphitheater named after “William A. Floyd?”
The Amphitheater is named in memory of revered Anderson County Councilman William A. Floyd. The new Amphitheater was named in his memory on May 18, 1999 . Mr. Floyd was instrumental in the development of the Anderson Sports & Entertainment Center.

Where do I purchase tickets to Amphitheater concerts?

Tickets are available at the Civic Center of Anderson Box Office, located adjacent to the William A. Floyd Amphitheater. Tickets can be charged by telephone at 864-233-2525, and on-line at

What kind of food and drinks are offered at the Amphitheater?
Our concessions stands feature a wide variety of food and drinks, so come hungry! William A. Floyd Amphitheater concessions are handled exclusively by Gordy's Concessions. Some events will also offer alcohol beverages through the concessions company. Strict I.D. policies apply.


What is the policy on tailgating in the parking lots?
Tailgating in the parking lots prior to events are allowed in most cases, however, alcohol, glass bottles, open fires and grills are prohibited.


What is the policy if it rains?
Our performances run rain or shine, and there are no refunds because of inclement weather. So come prepared with a poncho or rain gear. Umbrellas are not permitted at most shows because they block the view of other patrons.


What is the parking situation?
Secure, well-lit parking is available directly on-site. Parking lots generally open two hours prior to show time. The parking fee varies from show to show, but the typical price is $6 per car. Come early to beat the rush!

What about patrons with disabilities?

The William A. Floyd Amphitheater meets all ADA regulations. Wheelchair seating is available inside the Amphitheater. Special handicap parking is also available. For special needs, please call the Amphitheater at 864-260-4800.

What is the seating like?
The William A. Floyd Amphitheater seating area is festival-style on gently elevated grass terraces. Pick your spot and spread your blanket under the stars. Most concerts permit lawn chairs as well. A well-lit paved walking trail outlines the seating area, and concessions and rest rooms are located conveniently on each side of the stage area. Tickets for most concerts are all general admission (first come, first serve), although some shows will offer a reserved seating area in front of the stage. A reserved seat diagram can be found on this page.

What other amenities will I find inside the Amphitheater?

A natural stream, bordered by mountain rock, flows on each side of the main stage, and actually underneath the seating area in front of the stage! A pond with a beautiful fountain is located at one end of the stream. Wrought-iron fences surround the Amphitheater, and brick pavers lead you through the main ticket gates. A paved walkway encircles the seating area.

What may and may not be brought into the Amphitheater?
You may bring a blanket (or something like it) to sit on, lawn chairs (in most cases), binoculars and rain gear such as a poncho, jacket, or hat. For most concerts, you may not bring food or drink of any kind or coolers with you into the Amphitheater. Free public concerts sponsored by Anderson County sometimes allow outside food and drinks, but no coolers. In such instances, glass containers are also not allowed. Additionally, umbrellas, and recording devices are not permitted. Video cameras are not permitted in most all cases. Pets cannot be brought into the Amphitheater, nor can Frisbees, or play devices of any kind.

What if I need more information?
Call the Anderson Sports & Entertainment Center main office number at 864-260-4800.



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